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Jim Ruberto

audio engineer


As we are quite literally dusting the cobwebs off our live rigs we're grateful to be back to work, and happy to be sculpting a new normal; leaving some stuff behind and setting a course toward new landmarks.

I offer high quality, fast turnaround post-production services, and am happily (and safely!) back to remote recording work. Let me know how I can help!

De-noising: Get the sandwich sounds out of your vocal take. Cleaning up interview footage. Coughs / squeaks / creaks in live performance footage. Noise floor lowering. Location footage cleanup. I have years of experience with specialized tools to do this subtle work with nuance. Miracles performed daily.

Audio restoration: Wide-ranging services in audio restoration and enhancement, I have the tools and experience to help preserve and in some cases even restore lost moments.

Mixing: It's what I do. Pick your genre. I have an efficient workflow that helps me get great sounds pretty quickly. I focus on and often spend the most time cleaning up source tracks (especially today! Lotta stuff getting made at home.) I'll meet your project where it is, highlight the special in it, and bring it to its best destination.

Stereo Mastering: Mastering has changed. Aspects of it are simpler -- the toolset has evolved profoundly, but delivery formats and output level requirements have become more complex. We'll release your project following the current standards for each delivery medium. Also, it's gonna sound great -- in my calibrated listening environment, I'll leverage my deep experience, world-class equipment, and put the finishing touches on your project with the utmost care.

Recording: I work out of my modest basement studio, love to work on location, and I also freelance out of several awesome Denver area studios.

Location Recording: I can rack up and bring 24 channels to you. I have experience collaborating with film crews for your music video or other music film project.

lets make stuff

For some, it's all about the result; for many, it's the journey. I'm here for all of it. 

I learn something new every day. This is a craft that tests you first and teaches you later. I don't think I know everything, or that there's only one way to do anything.

I also don't undervalue my considerable knowledge and experience. I've been thinking a lot about aging while traversing the half-century mark. A lot of folks believe "aging well" has everything to do with maintaining youth and cheating the aging process. That getting older is somehow "less than" and a loss of potency. I believe quite the opposite.

I haven't done it all, far from it, but it's fair to say that I've seen some things. I'm able to calmly apply reason and logic, pattern-matching and apply ingenuity (most of which was utterly unavailable to me 20 years ago) to quickly devise solutions with quiet calm, steady leadership, and even some laughs.

Hi, I'm Jim. I lead successful projects and make beautiful recordings. I'd love to help with yours.

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